Pandemic talk

A couple of weeks ago I thought that Covid-19 was just a flu on steroids

I was wrong.

Of course I was following the news but I thought if the World Health Organisation hasn’t said it’s a Pandemic, it isn’t. 

Well it is now. Things can change quite quickly as we’ve all experienced.

On wednesday the 18th there were 11 confirmed cases in New Zealand, zero tolls. Everyone that comes into New Zealand at that stage has to go into quarantine. I though it was contained. 

I wasn’t too worried – yet – 

The next day the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in New Zealand is up again. We’ve got 20 cases now, and I’m getting slightly worried. Especially when my daughter tells me that lectures at Otago (Dunedin) have been cancelled already.

I watched Italy go down, I speak to people in different countries and I realize this virus is a mean bitch spreading like wildfire if we’re not practising social distancing 

At this stage we’ve got 102 confirmed cases. 2 cases are spread within the comminity , which made me super worried. The rest is all from people that recently got into the country with an international flight.

Our prime minister announced alert level 3 yesterday at 13.40. Alert level 4 will follow within 48 hours. Complete lockdown for at least 4 weeks. Fortunately the lockdown will start at midnight on wednesday so hopefully our daughter will be on one of the last flights home from Dunedin.

Fingers crossed.

I’m very glad New Zealand is doing this. And we can do this, together!!! 

We don’t want an overflow of our hospitals, because that’s when people die. We have to flatten the curve.

Fortunately nobody has died -yet- from the virus in New Zealand. Let’s keep it that way and follow the orders from our Government.

This is not the time to decide for yourself. It has been decided for you. Stay at home. Please listen to any updates from reliable sources. 

Self isolate and just go out for the bare nessecities. This is how we might have a chance.

Stay safe and stay strong.